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Resources Page

These are all the resources that buddha_loves_me uses. If I'm missing anything that you've noticed, please let me know and I'll fix it right away.

Last updated: 7/8/08

Borders/frames, brushes, tiny text, textures, lighting, etc:

Individual journals:
  • 77words

  • arisubox

  • colorfilter

  • lil_brokenangel

  • lostluck_icons

  • magnetboy_icons

  • silverqe

  • tragic__icons

  • urbanstrokes

  • wonderland__

  • Communities:
  • dearest

  • fuyuno

  • lifeisdolce

  • ownthesunshine

  • rainharbour

  • External Links:
  • Sarah-dipity @ Deviantart

  • Sparklingtea @ Deviantart

  • Images:
    Base images, full images, coloured images, etc:

    Individual journals:
  • buddha_loves_me

  • eletriarnation

  • exhero

  • kiaharii

  • kotae

  • jlarinda

  • lianchini

  • nefadol

  • nikora85

  • sweet__illusion

  • whiteplums

  • wonderland__

  • Communities:
  • cap_it

  • goosygirl_icons

  • merrychildicons

  • External links:
  • VG cats

  • The Inuyasha Journey

  • Anime Galeries

  • Avatar Spirit

  • [For stalk images]

    Manga scans:
    All scans are from the raws of CLAMP works shared in either clamp2share or clamp_now. If you see your scans being used and you're not creditted in this list, please let me know right away.

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